Pest control companies often face legal challenges from residential and commercial customers. For more than two decades. Slaten Law, PC has been providing legal assistance to pest control companies. We provide a broad range of services including:

  • Chemical exposure claims – when a customer files a suit because they feel they have suffered harm because of pest control chemicals, we can mount an aggressive defense on your behalf.
  • Administrative issues – we help pest control companies overcome the challenges they face with regulatory agencies whether they are state, local or federal agencies.
  • Contract drafting – one of the best ways to protect your business is to ensure your contracts with clients is clear. We can help draft contracts to help protect your businesses’ bottom line.

Termite damage in homes and offices

Damage caused by termite infestations often result in buildings being deemed unsafe for habitation. Slaten Law, PC has assisted pest control companies who are facing suits from customers who believe the damage could have been prevented had the company done something differently.

Termite damage often starts long before a property owner contacts a pest control company. A company should not be held accountable for property owner neglect. We fight hard to make sure we protect your interests in these types of cases.

Some of the types of lawsuits we have helped defend include property damage, negligence, misrepresentation, wood infestation report claims as well as chemical exposure. Our law serves are designed to be cost-effective and we deal with every case efficiently.

Complaints against pest control companies

Failure to properly treat an infestation can be costly to property owners. When a pest control company has treated termites or other insects, residents of the property can also suffer health issues and more.

On a limited basis, we also help property owners who believe a pest control company acted in a negligent manner. Since we provide these services on a case-by-case basis, you are encouraged to contact Slaten Law, PC at (334) 396-8882 if you believe you have been wronged by a pest control company.

Slaten Law PC provides services to companies across the Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee areas. Our main office is in Montgomery, Alabama, and we have seven other office locations throughout the United States. When you need high-quality legal advice and representation from a Montgomery termite damage protection attorney call  our offices for help.